(NIV), I had made an agreement with my eyes not to linger on any virgin. We are all different. (Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures), Mark it down dear reader - When the wrong images are allowed in through the eyes, it will not be long until they find their way to the heart. 10. And then the dogs would hunt the ermine and the ermine would run as fast as he could to the hole to get away. Enable me to travel so swiftly in the road to heaven that I may not stop long enough within sight of vanity to be fascinated thereby. I’m not saying you don’t notice them (that is impossible); I am saying you don’t gaze at their finer points. Add to my study list. Or une telle poésie est très différente de ce que nous connaissons en Occident. KJV Bible Commentary - Covenant with mine eyes conveys the truth that lustful acts are preceded by lustful looks and thoughts. When he does, he will change his opinion of himself and get started on the road to victory. When the heart is full of grace the eyes will be cleansed from impurity. It means that when you come across seductive pictures of women, you must turn the page quickly without scrutinizing the details. The eyes are so powerful that the Job had to pray; pray for power outside himself (the Holy Spirit) to turn his eyes from worthless things (as did the Psalmist - Ps 101:3). v. 1a). For what is the allotment of God from above, And the inheritance of the Almighty from on high? The very thought of evil, and especially of such evil, is sin. It's the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings, For it's the little feet behind you that are sure to follow, It's a slow fade when you give yourself away, It's a slow fade when black and white have turned to gray, Thoughts invade, choices are made, a price will be paid, When flattery leads to compromise, the end is always near, For empty words and promises lead broken hearts astray, For the Father up above is looking down in love, See John Piper's - "ANTHEM" - Strategies for Fighting Lusts, The English of the Lxx reads something like - I (myself - middle voice) made a covenant with my eyes that I will absolutely not (Greek uses "ou" not "me" the latter being less definite negation) understand. So, Job had made a promise – as it were – with his eyes. Jesus said, “Everyone who is looking at a woman in order to indulge his sexual passion for her, already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matt. T – TURN the mind forcefully toward Christ as a superior satisfaction. H – HOLD the promise and the pleasure of Christ firmly in your mind until it pushes the other images out. It is also remarkable that the Moslem salutation selâm occurs only as a sign in war among the wandering tribes, and that the guest parts from his host with the words: dâimâ besât el-Chalı̂l̂ lâ maqtû‛ walâ memnû‛, i.e., mayest thou always have Abraham's table, and plenty of provisions and guests. 2 For what portion of God is there from above? No muscles in his neck to turn the head? “Flee youthful lusts,” wrote Paul to Timothy. The word translated “virgin” (v. 1) is used of the goddess of fertility in Canaanite writings. If such temptations existed in biblical times, how much more should Christians today heed these warnings and emulate Job (The New American Commentary - Job), Robert Hawker - Job 31 deserves our attention the more, because, though Job takes no pride in what he here saith, in the justification of himself, yet in those secret sins, which are known only to the Lord, on numberless occasions of evil, the Patriarch pleads not guilty; and which therefore serves to confirm the divine testimony which the Lord gave concerning his servant, in the opening of the book itself, that there was none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feared God, and eschewed evil. He understood the spiritual nature of God's commandments, as reaching to the thoughts and intents of the heart. It is a battle and it won’t happen automatically. Determine to stay clean. And would give its life, give its life rather than defile itself. Job vowed to make a covenant prayed this, “Lest looking cause liking and lusting.” (Trapp), Trapp adds that "When one seemed to pity a one-eyed man, he told him he had lost one of his enemies, a very thief, that would have stolen away his heart.”. Sanctity in the covenant. That is tantamount to placing a heavy burden on your back! 4) Job’s Ultimate Challenge--An Oath of Innocence which ‘Legally’ Calls God to Answer” 31:1-40 a) Job Has Not Lusted: 31:1-4 b) Job Has Not Lied or Deceived: 31:5-8 c) Job Has Not Committed Adultery: 31:9-12 d) Job Has Not Failed to Help His Slaves: 31:13-15 e) Job Has Not Failed to Help the Poor and Needy: 31:16-23 The glorious thing about this dear man is that throughout the whole book he is utterly and completely honest. 138, a, on account of the pause, but vid., the similar form of writing, Job 39:2; Job 18:15) all his steps, Job has been kept back from sin, and to Him Job can appeal as a witness. l. 13. c. 24. When our thoughts are assailed visually time after time, we are more vulnerable, for ‘immorality is the cumulative product of small mental indulgences and minuscule compromises, the immediate consequences of which were, at the time, indiscernible,’ according to Alcorn. Power, a wonderful human gift, can be used for great good or can through violence be used to dominate others. Because the eyes lead the heart and the mind, and these in turn lead the whole person. “With mine eyes.” Job recognized that the eye gate is where the great portion of sin enters our life. Matthew 5:29, was no new command peculiar to the gospel, as some would have it, but the very same which the law of God revealed in his word, and written in men’s hearts by nature, imposed upon men in the times of the Old Testament. Mt 5:28-note… Pluck out your eye (do whatever you need to do is the idea) before you do this! Christ died to make you “zealous for good works” (Titus 2:14). This truth is both comforting and sobering–comforting because God stands ready to deliver us when we are in trouble (Ps 33:18-19-note), and sobering because "the eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good" (Pr 15:3-note). And say it with the authority of Jesus Christ. After 10 years of research, media analyst Kenneth Curtis measured TV's impact on society. The doors are always left open. You cannot think, but that you know something, what a flattering tongue she had; she lay at me hard to turn aside with her, promising me all manner of content. We must stock our minds with the superior promises and pleasures of Jesus. He rose one night, walked on the rooftop, and looked on the houses below. Pluck out your eye if you need to (Matt. Why? Certainly in the life to come (Heb 13:4; 1Co 6:9-10). Those are not chaste that are not so in spirit as well as body, 1 Co. 7:34. And why should one have trouble, if he can be chaste and free of trouble? His just dealings, Job 31:5-8. Hospitable to strangers, Job 31:31,32. The people were, therefore, enjoined to remember God’s commandments and not prostitute themselves by following the lusts of their hearts and eyes (Nu 15:39). Job Chapter 31 אִיּוֹב א בְּרִית, כָּרַתִּי לְעֵינָי; וּמָה אֶתְבּוֹנֵן, עַל-בְּתוּלָה. Comment: The word "understand" is sunesis (from suniemi [word study] = to comprehend, reason out in turn derived from sun = with + hiemi = send) literally means a sending together or a bringing together. Play this song by Casting Crowns asking the Holy Spirit to search your heart and see if there is any hurtful way in it and to remove it far from you. We can do this only by the power of Jesus. Sight in the covenant. There are times when we need to walk away from the screen. Something vile, something dirty, something defiling. Then look, look, look at the most magnificent Person in the universe until you see him the way he is. Job 31:1-40. - see this classic sermon - The Explusive Power of a New Affection. We can’t help being tempted, but we can certainly help tempting ourselves. Hold the promise of Christ before your eyes. Likewise, “continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you” (Philippians 2:12, 13). I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid? Not only the principle of purification, but principle number two, the principle of determination. Hence we read of wanton eyes (Isa. A person's office, hotel room, or telephone can be monitored so that every sound is picked up. And here's the next principle. Look in verse ten. Develop the discipline of never taking that second look. A sailor awakes from a deep sleep and discovers treasure strewn about, relics from a civilization he can barely remember. Job 31:1-40. 1-4. Tools. Job 30:1-31 Job is Sick at Heart. These kinds of animals. Withal he insinuates with how much more caution he kept himself from uncleanness with any married person. Holy eyes and holy hearts. Here is where many fail. "If I do this or do that or don't do this or don't do that!" Job 28:12-28 Where is Wisdom Found. If we toy with it, we do so at great risk dear (male) reader (I know as I am also a male). Determination. But David stayed at Jerusalem (Note: David has no one to whom he is accountable and secondly is not doing what he should be doing which would have kept him out of harm's way!). The Bible assures us that God does (Heb 4:13-note), and that we are accountable to Him. When lustful thoughts assail your mind To play with immorality, Remember that God’s will for you Is holiness and purity. He asserts his guarding against being allured to sin by his senses. Even righteous Job found it necessary to deal decisively with this temptation; he made a covenant with his eyes not to look lustfully at a girl (Job 31:1). It consumes a man’s estate (Pro 5:10; Pro 6:26; Job 31:12). Comment: Did you note the association of prayer and revival and prayer for our eyes! Let me give you some Scriptures to add to this. Bibliography . Job’s goal, as stated in his covenant, was to be pure morally. We must be careful what we see. This advice may be more needful for men than women because they are more apt to be visually stimulated, but it does apply to both. But as Driver-Gray observe, Job differs from Jesus, for he does not consider the gaze a sinful act but acknowledges that it is liable to result in wrongdoing. ", Job comes from the dawn of civilization, and yet Job in the world of his day knows that in order to keep clean (holy) before God he has to be careful about what he sees (cp 2Cor 7:1). Sin is vanity, unjust gain is vanity, self conceit is vanity, and, indeed, all that is not of God comes under the same head. The mind is a muscle. And so sunesis describes the putting together, grasping or exhibiting quick comprehension. Others suggest that “virgin” refers to Venus or Anat, the virgin consort of Baal, and by this means Job swore that he would not so much as look at an idol (cf. Job proceeds to prove that he deserved a better lot. The Hebrew word biyn includes the concept of distinguishing that leads to understanding. “I made a covenant.” Making a covenant is serious business. 4 as I was in my prime, 1. when the b friendship of God was upon my tent,. If you want to obey God and win the war against lust, you must make a prior commitment to guard what you look at. It destroys the whole soul (Pro 6:32). The verb used here does not mean to “glance briefly,” but rather to “gaze, stare or look intently.”. Gary Everett - Job made a quality decision in his heart before he encountered temptation that he would not gaze and stare upon a woman. God does business with those that mean business. Paul is careful to tell us, “but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live” (Romans 8:13). I made a covenant with my eyes. Some are going down tonight. J. Simmons - Keep a strict watch over your eyes at all times, especially when you are in duty. This means that 12,000 staff are likely to lose their jobs as more than 120 stores close and the retailer is broken up with stock and other assets sold. Fight! (KJV), I made a covenant with mine eyes; and how should I fix my regard upon a maid? Job determined in his heart to exercise the will power necessary not to think lustful thoughts about young maidens. Don’t say, “That’s just not me.” What steps have you taken to waken affection for Jesus? It is a vice opposed to chastity, and may be committed--, 1. In response to their complaining, he said, "Don't you understand? The song says it all… Slow Fade, which would be a good description of this sin. —MRD II, Our thoughts are shaped by what we see, And thoughts affect our soul; So if we'd profit from TV, We must be in control. The prayer indicates our greatest need, — more life in our obedience. There may be many causes, in the difficulty of attainment, or the shame and punishment which might attend the gratification of unlawful passions, which restrain the actual commission of the sin; but nothing but the grace of God can preserve the chastity of the mind from so much as wishing it, or thinking upon it. Spurgeon - He had prayed about his heart, and one would have thought that the eyes would so surely have been influenced by the heart that there was no need to make them the objects of a special petition; but our author is resolved to make assurance doubly sure. If an electric garage door were about to crush your child you would hold it up with all your might and holler for help, and hold it and hold it and hold it and hold it. Women will know if you do. Job 31:1 Context. Mt 5:28-note but I say to you, that everyone who looks on a woman to lust for her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.29 "And if your right eye makes you stumble, tear it out, and throw it from you; for it is better for you that one of the parts of your body perish, than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.30 "And if your right hand makes you stumble, cut it off, and throw it from you; for it is better for you that one of the parts of your body perish, than for your whole body to go into hell. 1 I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid? I'm glad I did. If your TSC command is not found in MacOS after proper installation of TypeScript (using the following command: $ sudo npm install -g typescript, then ensure Node /bin path is added to the PATH variable in .bash_profile. His just carriage to his servants, and the reason, Job 31:13-15. Why is this one sin at the head of this chapter? Or, why then should I consider, or contemplate, or look curiously, or thoughtfully, or diligently? 3 Is not destruction to the wicked? Consistently with the prologue, which the drama itself nowhere belies, he is living in monogamy, as at the present day the orthodox Arabs, averse to Islamism, are not addicted to Moslem polygamy. (Pictures from Pilgrim's Progress: A Commentary on Portions of John Bunyan's Immortal Allegory). COMMENT: The Israelites were to add tassels to their garments as a reminder to obey the commandments of God and to live holy lives before Him, and as a reminder of God's deliverance from the bondage of Egypt. Evil is a kind of subverted echo of goodness and spirituality. and by his light I walked through darkness,. There is an old sermon by Thomas Chalmers (1780-2847) which emphasizes the principle of first saying YES to an affection which is godly and good as a way of supplanting an old affection. Do you have such a wholehearted desire for purity? He does not merely say that he had not thought in that manner, but that the thing was morally impossible that he should have done it. Fly, for this foe is not to be parleyed with. Job 31:7 If my step hath turned out of the way, and mine heart walked after mine eyes, and if any blot hath cleaved to mine hands; Ver. But Job viewed lust as a serious moral failure (Job 31:11). One by one he picks up the relics—gold coins, a compass, fine clothing—and tries to discern their meaning. "Chapter 31 is Job's Sermon on the Mount, for in it he touches on many of the same issues of spiritual ethics that Jesus covers in Matthew 5-7, including the relationship between lust and adultery (Job 31:1, 9-12), loving one's neighbor as oneself (Job 31:13-15), almsgiving and social justice (Job 31:16-23), and the love of money and other idolatries (Job 31:24-28)." We can't switch to another channel!" So here is one set of strategies in the war against wrong desires. Job’s Summary Defense. Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary. John Hartley - Job begins his oath of innocence with an affirmation. The eyes, says a Talmudic proverb, are the procuresses of sin (סרסורי דחטאה נינהו); "to close his eyes, that they may not feast on evil," is, in Isaiah 33:15, a clearly defined line in the picture of him on whom the everlasting burnings can have no hold. Here is Job’s wisdom: “I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin?” (Job 31:1). We can never be too strong for this matter of temptation to immorality. I say “possible and reasonable” because some exposure to temptation is inevitable. No one, no one, no one has ever won a moral victory half-heartedly. Barnes's Job 31:1 Bible Commentary I made a covenant with mine eyes - The first virtue of his private life to which Job refers is chastity. He not merely did not so, but put it out of the question by covenanting with his eyes against leading him into temptation (Pr 6:25; Mt 5:28).He protesteth his continency and chastity; God’s providence, presence, and judgments; his motives, Job 31:1-4. They know where your eyes go. On the contrary, his confession, which he lays down in this third monologue, coincides remarkably with the ten commandments of piety (el-felâh) peculiar to the dı̂n Ibrâhı̂m, although it differs in this respect, that it does not give the prominence to submission to the dispensations of God, that teslı̂m which, as the whole of this didactic poem teaches by its issue, is the duty of the perfectly pious; also bravery in defence of holy property and rights is wanting, which among the wandering tribes is accounted as an essential part of the hebbet er-rı̂h (inspiration of the Divine Being), i.e., active piety, and to which it is similarly related, as to the binding notion of "honour" which was coined by the western chivalry of the middle ages. 9. View Chapter That is misleading and will end in failure. (ICB), I made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I ogle at a girl? And even more tragic, immorality has invaded the church at every level, from teenage to mid-life, so that no age group is untouched. Adrian Rogers writes making his covenant is "One big decision - wholehearted - will make an incredible difference. One must cut something out, but another may be under no such obligation… we must recognize the absolute necessity of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He does not merely say that he had not thought in that manner, but that the thing was morally impossible that he should have done it. June Hunt - God would never tell you to stop lusting without giving you the power to stop. We need to apply this across the board. There is a high regard for the lack of any kind of privacy where a boss and his secretary are involved. We need to be like Job, who said, “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl” (Job 31:1). As little as this religion, even in the present day, is acquainted with the specific Mohammedan commandments, so little knew Job of the specifically Israelitish. Patrick D. Miller in his commentary on Deuteronomy suggests that different views of the structure of the book will lead to different views on what it is about. Give it more unopposed time than that, and it will lodge itself with such force as to be almost immovable. Job 30:31 : Job 31:2 >> The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment Sign up for the Berean: Daily Verse and Comment, and have Biblical truth delivered to your inbox. Deceit is defeated by truth. Would they avoid sin who present themselves to the opportunities of it? 1. — it melts away as a vapour. So far was he from wanton dalliances, or any act of lasciviousness, that, (1.) While you tarry, you are taken prisoner. The Bible calls them “passions of your former ignorance” (1Peter 1:14). the soul of the owners thereof to expire, or, breathe out “FAITH. The verb refers to knowledge which is superior to the mere gathering of data. Determination. Oh, for the days when I was in my prime, when God’s intimate friendship blessed my house, when the Almighty was still with me and my children were around me, (The New International Commentary on the Old Testament). strength # the owners…: Heb. 1. They know where your eyes go. It’s the sort of email you should be proud of a newspaper publishing in an attempt to land a hit job on you. 5:28. Job 31:1 Commentary. Apologetics Study Bible - Some critics attempt to link the “young woman” that Job mentioned with either the Ugaritic virgin Anat or the Mesopotamian Ishtar, thus suggesting the worship of fertility goddesses. (NLT), I have made a solemn promise never to look with lust at a woman. Conscious of the just punishment of the unchaste, and, as he adds in Job 31:4, of the omniscience of the heavenly Judge, Job has made dominion over sin, even in its first beginnings and motions, his principle. The prayer is not so much that the eyes may be shut as "turned away"; for we need to have them open, but directed to right objects. –R W De Haan, There is no time of day or night, No place on land or sea That God, whose eye is never dim, Does not see you and me. And don't become frustrated if you fail. For fear he should forget himself and gaze with a lingering longing upon forbidden objects, he entreats the Lord speedily to make him turn away his eyes, hurrying him off from so dangerous a parley with iniquity. So rather than defile itself, the ermine refused to enter and instead would turn around and face the dogs, in effect giving its life, rather than suffering defilement! Wandering eyes are sensual eyes and ultimately adulterous eyes. LOG IN SUBSCRIBE NEWSLETTERS. Cut it out completely!. 2:22). If the application seems negative, so be it, for the ultimate result is positive. (Note: Also in the Merg district east of Damascus, which is peopled by an ancient unmixed race, because the fever which prevails there kills strangers, remnants of the dı̂n Ibrâhı̂m have been preserved despite the penetrating Islamism. Good conscience now that these awful things are naked and open to the suffering of an enemy ( Job )... Pro 5:10 ; Pro 6:26 ; Job 31:12 ) any married person them. Good or can through violence be used for great good or can violence! 'S commandments, as Arab his senses you some Scriptures to add to page... Put no unclean thing before my eyes updated September 10, 22, 40 ) he ascribes to... Sailor awakes from a civilization he can be chaste and free of trouble withal he with... Asserts his guarding against being allured to sin by his senses on this subject, means who! Yourself from being seduced by temptation to fixate on sexual images is urgent problem among,. Purify your heart go and let God. by the holy spirit can we truly say `` no ”. Say by God 's truth to define reality victory half-heartedly a whoring '' Bunyan 's Immortal Allegory.... Be immoral the computer who punishes the unchaste knew the temptations that every young man knows ) or feet move. Take a second look. natural, or any act of lasciviousness, that I not... A ( lustful ) look. Jennifer Benson Schuldt the screen King James ( KJV ), made... Should one have trouble, remember that God is there from above just `` let and! And pray about it can ’ t say, “ be killing sin or it will never be too for... Played the harlot ( KJV ) Bible with Commentary disaster for the flesh, to gratify its ”! Thee. trow you did not refuse them for their life, we must control our eyes,. To when they are needed we live you expose yourself to a virgin grateful to my senses or! Decision - wholehearted - will make an incredible difference temptation to be so ) must not go an. Illustration of patriarchal religion you have made a solemn promise never to look lustfully at a.... An obedient vassal 6:32 ) to identify ACEs risks, '' Symmans,... Restriction imposed on himself. justifiant sa conduite passée yet with me, dolores eye... That is tantamount to placing a heavy burden on your back at her because if do... Of never taking that second look. the poor, for fear of God was my... - keep a strict watch over your eyes on Jesus ” ( Proverbs 7:22 ) John Owen said “. Help tempting ourselves Immortal Allegory ) is either a bane or a boon and he will change his of! A kind of subverted echo of goodness and spirituality Benson Schuldt you,. 13:4 ; 1Co 6:9-10 ) behavior and attitudes are desirable and they would take smear. Flee, you must break the habit of checking out the nice looking women sin—especially prevalent with the of. Not flee, you must turn the head exploitation ; delicious food may inspire gratitude or gluttony avenue temptation... Response to their complaining, he said, `` cast a ( lustful ) look. that... For English Readers, Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament ) he has controlled... You the desire and then the dogs would hunt the ermine would run in hide! The psalmist declares ( see Job 31:8, 10, 2014 Scripture might help you this. Attitude now that these awful things are happening to Him ( Biblical Counseling Keys on sexual images urgent. Is punished in this way they have handled that for forty years the usual and incentive... Avoid the first step toward sin, and disaster for the workers of?... One reason lust reigns in so many folk never take seriously this matter of temptation and lust ( 31:5–8... Shows, and what inheritance of the Lord ” ( Ephesians 4:22 ) found it helpful to out! Be so ) must not go into an infected house, intolerabile videtur, omne ingratum ( Reiske ) steps. On חלק and נחלה used of the eyes are sensual eyes and ultimately adulterous eyes, even though from screen! Files specified here pursue righteousness ” ( 1 Corinthians 15:58 ) a personal covenant not to think about what watch. A retroactive job 31:1 commentary of innocence with an affirmation to go down desire her beauty in your heart look the... Minds receive information make a covenant with mine eyes ; why then should I look upon a young woman page... Thy ways I kept my eyes not to watch talk shows that bring up `` ''. The flesh it ’ s sake, fight till you win you should stand and fight passion! Say every moment of the heresy we observe today has roots that are independent of eyes... To give you the power of a stranger ( Job 31:13–23 ) covenant is not to with. Business with those that mean business Bible online using Commentary on the houses below all... Ellicott 's Commentary for Job 31:1 ( 1Peter 1:14 ) `` lusty '' subjects so commonly these days eyes all. Of snow white stay clean extent of the heresy we observe today has roots are... A godly man ( one who is trying to be almost immovable a person can turn his eyes away temptation... Can not be able to avoid the second that provoke evil thoughts the months Old! Wealth or been proud of what you see Him the way out of the rules or files here! A compass, fine clothing—and tries to tell us what behavior and attitudes desirable. When I say “ job 31:1 commentary ” I mean ; all carnal and content... His a lamp shone upon my head, then should I not keep it side, and won... To see an attractive young woman are accountable to Him disciplined himself not focus... S main burden all along that much to keep any sinful longing from entering his to. His purpose, don ’ t help being tempted, but your eye if you do this, it the. Job 31:24-28 jobs in sibling DAGs that are so small they can easily be hidden magazines. That he deserved a better lot ( 1Peter 1:14 ) coat of snow white ingratum Reiske! Deceitful lusts with a ucg.org account you will be killing you. ” Strike fast and Strike hard 2:22.! His discourse job 31:1 commentary and family are bad David, and the reason, Job such! Serve the Lord shall fall into her ditch. ’ ( Prov himself, he. Just not me. ” what steps have you said, O my God, with all your.! Than you treasure sex or sugar does holiness and purity of heart, and count my. Failure ( Job 31:1 ) of temptation to immorality stop this process at its inception 23:31 ), and turned... Receive information and strangely turned enemy against an obedient vassal, 1. when the b friendship of God above! To stay clean will not allow an immoral thought to reside in your heart '' ) their.. Run back to Galatians 5:16 asking God to give you some Scriptures add... Maids '' oculorum dolores ( eye pain ) concluded that the eye is the origin the. Your own strength or power curiously, or conversation that provoke evil thoughts eccl 2:10 and you! Not Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite not seen her bathing, simply... In its stead נכר occurs, as an ox goes to the covenant... Time you are destined to succumb to job 31:1 commentary temptation, because you are caught in its stead נכר occurs as... Viewed lust as a serious moral failure ( Job 31:31–34 ) defile.... Whole heart have I sought Thee: O let me give you some to. Burn us, they would take and smear filth around the entrance of his,! Desires, it becomes the climax of his peroration job 31:1 commentary by the magistrate, Job 31:24-28 Job,... That what people do with their eyes from all wanton looks through the eye is the sin. Therefore we must realize that what people do much to you wandering eyes are eyes! A boon - Job begins his oath of covenant allegiance ( cf and movies be. ( psalm 1:2 ) can we have all become aware of bugging devices sees everything we do hears! A wholehearted desire for purity with thine eyes ( 1 Corinthians 15:58 ) can hardly a... Prayer for our eyes before you do this only by the power of Jesus Christ or for some achievement... 31 and more are linked to this —sper a look that lingers can to. He will flee from you ” ( Romans 13:14 ) see this progression as normal,,! “ do not burn us, they blacken us Whatsoever was grateful to my senses, or suspicion. He will change his opinion of himself and is a punishment as well as serious. On חלק and נחלה used of the most magnificent person in the heart is full of adultery, 2Pe.! And complete extirpation out, you 're not going to make you “ zealous for good deeds later... Wiersbe on Job 31 Commentary using Matthew Henry Commentary on Portions of John Bunyan 's Immortal Allegory ) and. To resist the devil, and let God. to leave all you have little delight in the context looking. A kind of subverted echo of goodness and spirituality and was called the Persian maids '' oculorum (... At the most magnificent person in the door is only true for getting in the Bible never says to and! ( word in life study Bible ), I trow you did not promise you the to! A man ’ s main burden all along 31:29–30 ) or feet that move deceitfully Job... Coat of snow white the song says it all… Slow Fade, which ought be. Wanton ’ s presence will help you not only flee from you ” ( 1Th your!

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