mountaineers, including ski-mountaineers. Would you like to login to post your comment? These were Munro numbers 228 and 229 of 282 for Nic. Fionn Loch seen from the edge of the Beinn Lair cliffs. We continued, following a loose gravel path upwards. There are currently no comments, why not add your own? Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We used the bypass path around Meall Garbh before ascending over terrain which was less sandy and more grassy with small rocks up Beinn Tarsuinn. The British Mountaineering Council, TRAVEL The pinnacles of An Teallach require a lot of down climbing. Emma O'Shea and John Walker were leading, here's Emma's tale.... We left Corrie Hallie on the approach path to Shenavall, which was a familiar route to several members of the group from their previous Fisherfield adventures. I now follow the path which sort of bypasses the immediate top of the rocks but I am soon hopping over the top of the boulders and notice a bypass path below me. An Teallach is a mountain in Scotland.It lies to the southwest of Dundonnell and overlooks Little Loch Broom, in an area often nicknamed the "great wilderness".An Teallach means 'The Anvil' or 'The Forge' in Scottish Gaelic; although most scholars claim the latter is most correct as the mountain's name refers more to the colour of the terrain in certain lighting conditions, rather than shape. Finally to end the day a gentle descent that personally I'd… Both of the above routes, however, miss out the central section, for which An Teallach is best known. Standing proud at 1,058m tall, the Munro summit of Sgurr Fiona is marked by a cairn. Let her know what you thought of this post by dropping her a comment. Path analysis is a form of multiple regression statistical analysis that is used to evaluate causal models by examining the relationships between a dependent variable and two or more independent variables. ... Its also possible to bypass the first (& crux) buttress via a wee path on the left on the approach. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It's an easy walk with a reasonable path to the first of our summits today. We made an early morning start for the long journey north, stopping as usual at Tesco in Inverness for breakfast and fuel. Indoor climbing industry leaders seek help to safeguard future, £100,000 Search, rescue and recovery cover. From the summit of Bidein a’Ghlas Thuill, we headed off northwards to a col before turning eastwards and descending down an eroded path into the valley. Allow 8-9 hours car-to-car in the summer months, but longer in winter. A hike and scramble up An Teallach in the north-west highlands of Scotland. At the end of the pinnacular scrambling is a particular feature known as Lord Berkeley’s Seat. These cookies do not store any personal information. Assuming I find the bypass path would it be possible to perhaps occasionally divert up to the actual ridge and pinnacles if I see an easy way up? It was less than a kilometre to walk back to the car to finish. A day aiming along An Teallach's classic ridge traverse and up the two Munro summits of Sgurr Fiona and Bidean a'Ghlas Thuill. ... while Michael skirted around it on the bypass path. From here you get the first glimpse of the spectacular Corrag Buidhe Pinnacles. We use cookies to ensure a better website performance, to analyse site traffic and to give you a more tailored experience. PATH strictly prohibits discrimination and all forms of harassment based on legally protected status, including sexual harassment. Legend has it that Lord Berkeley used to sit up here and smoke his pipe, dangling his feet over the edge and taking in the views. And annoyingly, the sounds coming from the road seemed so close! New Topic Reply to Topic. We will have to defer on that one, hopefully we will return one year for the full An Teallach experience including those views & pinnacles (or the high bypass path) and maybe, just maybe try a leg dangle on Lord Berkeleys Seat. The BMC recognises that climbing, hill We were trapped somehow between the bushes and the river. The central ridge encompasses six main tops all over 950m in height (more if you include the intermediate ones on the south ridge) with two more outliers on the northern sides at the 800m level. It’s a beauty. Its twin peaks reach 3,484 feet and 3,478 feet respectively, ... (including the crossing of Lord Berkley's Seat), or take the bypass path on the south-west side. And when it forked we somewhat reluctantly took the left option. A gorgeous blue sky, a sunny late September day in Scotland with no midges! Behind us was Beinn Dearg (Ullapool) and over to the left were the Fannichs. Find out why we nicknamed all 282 Munros here. We couldn't have had better conditions. There is a well defined path all the way over, the only slight problem I experiend was just after leaving Ben More the path comes to an abrupt halt where you require to drop down about 7 or 8 feet. ... We opted to bypass Glas Mheall Mor with Bidein a’Ghlas Thuill being our first target of the day. As verbs the difference between path and trail This path is eroded in some places and should not be regarded as an easy option. Another reason to stay roped up.”. After following the Coire a’ Ghlas Thuill burn along a muddy path I left stream and path behind in order to make a direct ascent up the massive bulk of Glas Mheall Mòr. Instead, Paul recommends you rope up and approach it directly. 60091 An Teallach approaches Tredington with the 6V07 13:21 Round Oak to Margam steel empties on 13 February 2008, with some unprintable comments written in the bodyside dirt! This is the usual start point for the long but easy approach march to the first of An Teallach's summits, Sail Liath. However, there really only is 'one' view. They don’t work for alpine routes or for the Cuillin ridge traverse. cookie policy. Here, we take a look at the know-how you’ll need to tackle this epic mountain day. Slowly I climbed up to the top of this northernmost top of An Teallach picking my own way up the interminably steep stone-covered hill. Fabulous. Used it once when folk were pitching it and we weren't in the mood for waiting. An Teallach An Teallach classic traverse, 31 August 2020 A blog post from one of our mountain adventures in the Scottish hills and mountains. Even more inspiring are vantage points to the wilderness of Assynt with it's uniquely individual mountains. Between the Bad Step and Lord Berkeley’s Seat is the sharpest point of this spiky ridge – a series of pinnacles whittled out of Torridonian sandstone that give around 600 metres of heady scrambling. We descended our final Cuillin Munro, Sgurr Alasdair, and said goodbye to Adrian. Area: Fort William to Loch Treig and Loch Leven. There’s no doubt that An Teallach is a solid Grade 3 when taken directly. “The whole face of An Teallach is undercut at this point, so this exposure is massive,” says Paul. 2. Many of our Munro walks happen to use parts of this iconic long distance route. If unsure, hire a guide. At a smidgen over 1060m, Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill is the taller of An Teallach's two Munros and the views in all directions were worth every single metre of exertion in getting up there, hell they were even worth a potential layby violation ! A path branches off right leading to Shenavall bothy and we followed this for a short way before diverting right on rough ground, crossing giant slabs on the way to the base of Sail Liath, An Teallach’s southernmost top.

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