I found the edit button on the documents. Cause of death: As the two siblings cried and cried, Fireheart couldn't help but allow himself to smile warmly for the two cats sake. Ravenpaw[11] Chestnutkit, Cherrypaw Ravenpaw’s brother and the other kits in the nursery (Sandkit and Graykit) didn’t bully him, but they did play his social anxiety for laughs, such as in the ending of Bluestar’s prophecy, where Ravenpaw is studiously peeling off the stalk of a leaf when Dustpaw … Possibly because Flip-Flop of … They have two daughters; Squirrelflight and Leafpool. Ravenpaw[4] no she doesn't. Angst? Search. Ravenpaw[12] Rosetail and Sandpaw grieved heavily for their fallen mother, and sandpaw had questioned spottedleaf on why the medicine cat couldn’t save her. From Generation To Generation by brams for firey's prompt challenge The following story is rated Worse. If you're looking for a full list, find one here! He had six siblings, but his litter only consisted of himself and Dustpelt. Known/Given: and dust*paw* pounced on ravenpaw's tail in the end of bluestar's prophecy. This page contains the complete family lineage of Barley, and contains all known ancestors and descendants. His partner is Barley. Great Grand Neices: Rosepetal, Ivypaw, Dovepaw, Hollyleaf, Cinderheart, Honeyfern and Poppyfrost. "Its been moons since that Ravenpaw, and your mother didn't even want you or your siblings so whats it to you?" Ravenpaw's Farewell, The Ultimate Guide, Loner[3] ThunderClan[4] SkyClan[5] (temporarily) LionClan[6], Ravenpaw is a black tom with white on his chest and tail[4] and green eyes.[14]. The third book in the first series. A pale silver she-cat laid in the nursery, tears staining her muzzle. actually, i think goldenflower is his mom because in into the wild, when ravenpaw comes all hurt from the batle, goldenflower bounds up to him, licks his cheek and calls for spottedleaf.... well, that's what it says on warriors wiki.... no bluestars prophecy doesnt have it in there you never really know who his parents are. Chapter Text BloodClan: Leader: Scourge- Tiny, short haired, black tom with bright blue eyes, heavily scarred ears, white socks and a white tail tip. If you go to Warriors Wiki, you can find almost any cats family. Ravenpaw saw Button sitting in a small clearing, covered in blood. Firestar and Sandstorm are current mates. "And if you mess this us..i'm Crowstar's son i got more athorady in this clan! so don't mess up-Back to camp with you" he snapped making himself louder near the end. Ravenpaw's parents are Robinwing and Fuzzypelt. Fuzzypelt All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Ravenpaw and Barley Chapter 1: Love can be War, a warriors fanfic | FanFiction. Bone was the first to interrupt the crying. Spottedleaf open her eyes to see the face who she long to yearn for is sleeping right next to her. © 2006-2021 Fanpop, Inc., all rights reserved. Affiliations In this case it makes no sense as he was possessed by a cosmic being that they all know is completely real. Sandstorms parents are Brindleface and Rredtail So Squirrelflight is related to Ashfur Refugee: Bluestar's Prophecy, Redtail's Debt, The Prophecies Begin, Tigerclaw's Fury, Firestar's Quest, Graystripe's Vow, Ravenpaw's Path, Midnight, Dawn, Warrior's Return, Ravenpaw's Farewell A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News. Partner: All we know about Dustpelt and Ravenpaw's siblings are that they're both dead. Look in book 2 for the color of these cats!^.^. Brindleface, Frostfur Tigerclaw was already deputy so short of killing him herself, there … The same with the death of Brindleface, who was apparently her mother. Kit: He would have made a good Clan cat actually…anyway, very well done! Ravenpaws parents His parents are Fuzzypelt and Robinwing and dustpelt his brother! Summary: A deaf apprentice is given the chance to prove herself worthy of a warrior name. As she is assessed on a late greenleaf day, she remembers how … She becomes a girl in the day and then becomes a wolf again during the night. Search for: Search. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Neices: Cinderpelt, Brightheart, Ferncloud and Sandstorm. None of them. The problem was while the Earth heroes more or less forgave Hal (even Batman), the Green Lantern Corps which Hal decimated was much less so. (I'm getting a kitten. After ShadowClan was weakened during Nightstar's leadership, Tigerclaw became leader as Tigerstar after Runningnose received an omen. Tiny was bullied by his siblings as a kit, and after he defeated a dog and became the leader of Twolegplace, they came crawling back for help. When Firestar first came to the clan, Sandstorm didn't like him. Family. He meets a wolf in the gardens of Cair Paravel. Father: Tigerstar is a name shared by two different ShadowClan leaders. Ravenpaw was a loner who lived on Barley's farm with Barley, formerly an apprentice of ThunderClan under Bluestar's leadership in the forest territories. Find one here! Enjoy! —Redtail, Ravenpaw, and Tigerclaw arguing during the battle with RiverClan, —Ravenpaw telling Firepaw his thoughts about Tigerclaw becoming deputy, —Firepaw warning Ravenpaw about Tigerclaw's plan for him, —Firepaw, Ravenpaw, and Graypaw at the WindClan border, —Ravenpaw and Firestar before the Clans leave the forest. Hairball Humor: In "Into the Wild", Sandpaw is rude to Firepaw.Graypaw excuses her behaviour by saying, "She must have a hairball somewhere.". His father is Fuzzypelt, his mother is Robinwing, his brother is Dustpelt, his sisters are Brindleface and Frostfur, and his half-brother is Longtail. Firestar, Sandstor, Dustpelt, Garstripe, Brindleface, Frostfur. Chapter Text. Siblings: Great Great Grand Neice: Cherrykit. "Barley. Sisters: She was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze alongside her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit. Snow's Passage. See a recent post on Tumblr from @warriorsrewrite about warriors-rewrite. Bumblepaw was a sweet little apprentice, and I enjoyed the ship for a bit. Fireheart is determined to uncover the truth about the Clan deputy, Tigerclaw, whom he believes is untrustworthy.Meanwhile, Fireheart's best friend, Graystripe, continues having a forbidden love affair with Silverstream, who is from a different Clan.Fireheart and Graystripe face danger in Tigerclaw, who has noticed Graystripe missing from camp many times. StarClan resident: When I first came upon this fact in Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods’s book “The Genius of Dogs”, I was overjoyed! High quality Omen Of The Stars gifts and merchandise. Learn more about your favourite Warriors and their ancestors in this interactive family tree. Ravenpaw felt dismay as the memories started to fade from his mind and his dream started to come to life in front of him. Warriors Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. RiverClan cats are the only ones known to enjoy swimming, and are known for the river that runs throughout their territory. The night grew on and the signs of dawn were beginning to show through. the sound of leaves rustling was distant but strong and he sat in remembrance of his old best friends and his loving mother and siblings. dustpelt is littermates with ravenpaw. Brother: Robinwing Barley began licking Ravenpaw's neck, moving lower and lower as the younger tom began purring, "Okay, you win." Ravenpaw[10] 2. thxs. welcome! Ravenpaw briefly appeared in StarClan to give Bramblestar one of his nine lives. The following is a list of cats in "ThunderClan", shown in the allegiances section (character list) of the books. A full chart connecting all our beloved characters. anyway..onto the pic..this is when firepaw and graypaw tell the clan that ravenpaw is dead to save him from being killed by tigerclaw.... if anyone even does fanart for this scene, they show tigerclaw or firepaw/graypaw, never ravenpaws brother, dustpelt!

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