in politics. What does intransigent mean? Context sentences for "intransigeance" in English. Intransigence definition: If you talk about someone's intransigence , you mean that they refuse to behave... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Worse, any attempt at exposure would risk a backlash so severe that Peking would cry insult and outrage, and revert to suspicion and intransigence. use "intransigence" in a sentence Limerick was besieged by the Williamites in 1690 and 1691. Casper’s intransigence stems from the fact that his … As a result of Williamite intransigence, the war continued. Subcommittee members also expressed their anger at what they termed "an overall FBI attitude of obfuscation, intransigence and delay" in the Presser case. : The Miccosukees, theoretically, are more intransigent than the Muskogees in that they have never signed a treaty of peace with the United States. intransigence in a sentence - Use "intransigence" in a sentence 1. This intransigence has been such that a threat to use the right of veto was voiced. French Nous devons observer une intransigeance totale face aux tentatives de violations. Find more ways to say intransigence, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Examples of Intransigence in a sentence. Another word for intransigence. : At Camp David he had the opportunity to be a real President, but he has spent his life as a professional intransigent, and could not change. intransigence definition: 1. the quality of refusing to change your opinions or behaviour: 2. the quality of refusing to…. Such a statesman was sure to clash with the doctrinaires, like Salmeron, who wanted to imitate French methods; with Pi y Margall, who wanted a federal republic after purely Spanish ideas of decentralization; and above all with the intransigent and gloomy fanatics who became the leaders of the cantonal insurrections at Cadiz, Seville, Valencia, Malaga and Cartagena in 1873. A person who is intransigent, esp. 2. intransigent: [adjective] characterized by refusal to compromise or to abandon an often extreme position or attitude : uncompromising. The Cavaliers rewarded his intransigence with a $ 107 million payout. Learn more. more_vert. I can’t understand Rachel’s intransigence, considering that we have undeniable proof that her idea is incorrect. (noun) Definition of Intransigence. Robert Ludlum -- The Bourne Supremacy The war years were wet years, and there were many people who blamed the strange intransigent weather on the firing of the great guns in France. Sentences Containing 'intransigence' It was due to the astute politics of Sir Milton Margai that the educated Protectorate elite was won over to join forces with the paramount chiefs in the face of Krio intransigence . But if the university continues their intransigence, this will escalate. refusal to change one’s views. Whether they are hotheads or cool schemers, their intransigent speeches act as balm to their audience's wounds.

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