Totally different playstyle and build. Claymore greatsword is an ultimate favorite weapon for dark soul 3. Random Weapon Discussion 6: Greatsword of Judgement. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. Because its damage scales with all three stats, it is capable of dealing split damage, making it a good weapon for fighting shield-equipped opponents. Looks like I'm sticking with MLGS. Secondly, it has base lightning and magic damage, which is extremely valuable. To get this chesse filled weapon you must transmute Pontiff S soulSHAREfactory™!/en-ca/tid=CUSA00572_00 This unique ultra greatsword comes in the form of a dagger and greatsword pair. A ceremonial sword, held in Pontiff Sulyvahn's left hand, representing the judgment of the moon, but with magic far closer to sorcery than any existing lunar power. So Cal/Vegas/AZ 818.639.2039. Profaned is a UGS class weapon that works best with a quality build. The damage split heavily favors physical portion and the self buff adds flat amount of magical AR regardless of your INT. A ceremonial sword, held in Pontiff Sulyvahn's left hand, respresenting the judgement of the moon, but with magic far closer to sorcery than any existing lunar power. Skill: Stance of Judgment Assume stance to unleash dark magic. Build Name: Quality ; Build Level: 121-130 (depending if you want to be level 121 with 15 vitality or 130 with 24 vitality, it's up to you) Build Focus: PvE or PvP ; Build Main Stat: Strength/Dexterity . You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Upon swinging the sword, a slow white projectile homes to enemies is fired, that after a short duration, will create a rain of smaller white homing projectiles around it that can pierce enemies. GreatSword of Judgment or Moonlight Greatsword (PVE) Hey guys, just finished my first run of Dark Souls Remastered and I want to play Dark Souls 3 once more. I respecced an sl125 build for it last night and it hits 600 AR at 40/40/40 which is easily reachable at 125. Coub is YouTube for video loops. You can achieve this by equipping the Knight's Ring and two handing the sword. Planning to run through as another character. First, it is the lightest of all the Greatswords, meaning it has all of the power without having to sacrifice additional carry weight. Greatsword of Judgment Dark Souls 3 Wik . Has Stance of Judgement weapon art [19/22 fp cost] Weighs 9 … You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. RELATED: Every Class In Dark Souls 3, Ranked. Which greatsword is best for your character is a combination of your preferred playstyle and the abilities of your build, but if you’re looking for a general overview of the best greatswords then these are ones you should really consider wielding. Dark Souls 3: The 10 Best Quality Build Weapons, Ranked. Time to see how well it works. Once it stops, the projectile stays in place, and rains down more color changing homing projectiles that are smaller than the original. This is one of the few boss weapons that can be used on Soul Level 1 Runs. For max damage you have to go 40/40/40 str/dex/int, but if you’re trying to stay at the PvP meta you’re not going to do that. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Click here to jump to that post. The Greatsword of Blah is a craftable post-Moon Lord broadsword that fires out color changing homing projectiles that go a short distance. Claymore Greatsword. Would love your suggestions. The Lothric Knight Gs has 35 higher AR, but it’s split damage with a base of 174 lightning... so in this case it depends on what you’re hitting. The Executioner’s Greatsword is a quirky weapon that can be very powerful with the right build. Farron Greatsword. The Greatsword of Judgement is a craftable post-Moon Lord broadsword that autoswings. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Northwest US 503.479.8579 Planning to run through as another character. Weapon Name: Greatsword of Judgement Weapon Class: Greatsword Stat Requirements: 17/15/12 STR/DEX/INT Traits: 16/19 SP on 1h/2h r1 Link to weapon attack ranges. In every souls game I have been going for Str Dex builds so I have not been able to use the super cool looking weapons in the games. Nor Cal/UT/CO 916.899.1515. Greatsword of Judgment Dark Souls III Wiki » Weapons » Greatswords » Greatsword of Judgment Lore. Its … This weapon is a fantastic option for a strength build that also has some investments in faith and intelligence. Tis sad, but oh well. DARK SOULS™ III. A video with a new greatsword of judgement build I made. As late game as they both are, I feel like these weapons have some of the biggest "bang for your buck" of any weapon. © Valve Corporation. Skill: Stance of Judgment Assume stance to unleash dark magic For Dark Souls III on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Greatsword of judgement build . About; Membership. Greatsword of Judgment is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. Its dark blue hues, deeper than the darkest moon, reflect the sorcerer Sulyvahn's true nature. If you're a quality/magic build you COULD go with Judgement but If you like ultra greatswords strength/dex then ide go with Profaned. Profaned is a standard quality build of str and dex, Judgement requires int... so neither of those is for the strength build you seemingly off-handedly mentioned. This allows you to equip any shield and you can hit 40-30 Vigor and Endurance easily. Greatsword of judgement build; Topic Archived; Page 1 of 2; Last ; More topics from this board... Exile greatsword build: Flamonator: 2: 1/7 4:36AM: I've never tried a dex build, how are they? Can anyone suggest a 120 SL Build for Greatsword of Judgement? Curved Dragon Greatsword:If you are looking for a somewhat hard hitting Dex build similar to a strength build, go for the Curved Dragon Greatsword. Central/East US 512.730.0130. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The most efficient stat allocations GoJ are 40 Str/Int with minimum Dex requirement. the optimal moonlight GS build would be better than your build where GS of judgment is better, so you'd just want to respec. It's been a while. What is the minimum Strength requirement to be able to 2-hand a weapon without penalty. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme … To be or not to be... that is not the question. Anyone got a nice build someone could work towards dedicated to the Greatsword of Judgement? I wanted to try this weapon post-patch, but it seems that it's not for people who go minimum STR & DEX but with high INT. Member Benefits; Member Directory; New Member Registration Form Dark Souls 3 may be a tough game, but these weapons will make tings a little easier on you. Its dark blue hues, deeper than the darkest moon, reflect sorcerer Sulyvahn's true nature. Depends on what you want/your build. bodyjam_3: 3: 11/24 9:20PM: Dex/Int build help. Nothing too much to say here, weapon is pretty strong, especially when buffed and built right. It has one of the most aesthetically pleasing movesets with combos that let you flip and twirl between swings. The Greatsword of Judgment is a peculiar greatsword that is useful for builds that level Intelligence, Strength and Dexterity, but not beyond 40 for any. How to get: Craft via Soul Transposition with the Soul of the Blood of the Wolf, which you get after defeating the Abyss Watchers. For a strength only build the best ugs is the Greatsword for pure physical damage, you find it in the swamp. If you don’t mind the 12 int requirement, you could stick this on a 40/40 str/dex quality build and do fine. Unlike the original fired projectile, the falling projectiles can pass through the ground. I really like to use it, if you hit the two-handed strong attack, and the effect of the weapon you will do about 1.000 damage to you enemy if its not a human because you will send those flying with the special attack! The buff adds another 80 AR. The sword is highly flexible and can be used to attack in swings as well as thrust. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. All rights reserved. If you present a large type of greatsword wielded with two hands, then this is your best pick. Plus allowing to also use Moonlight Greatsword. Can anyone suggest a 120 SL Build for Greatsword of Judgement? © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. What is the best weapon to infuse with magic or best int scaling weapon in dark souls 3? The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Profaned Greatsword +5 has 605 AR at 40 Strength and 40 Dexterity. 9 The Drakeblood Greatsword. #2 Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments Build Equipment. Sl 45 build (so far 20 vig, 11 str, 18 dex). Dealing more or less 50% magic / 50% physical damage, it deals less damage than the Moonlight greatsword, but its weapon art grants it a buff that makes it deal a bit more damage than its more iconic counterpart. So the build can go several ways. All Discussions One is a great sword, other is an ultra greatsword. LightningAce11: 15: 11/12 5:47AM: New mid build? Note although it can be infused and buffed, this may not be a good option on a quality built. Greatsword of Judgement: transposed from the soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn, this greatsword is an underdog version of the Moonlight greatsword. Sport and Recreation Law Association Menu.

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