The Department is divided into a Uniforms Division, Administrative Division and Investigations Division. Below are the steps in the hiring process that an applicant must complete to be considered for employment with the Winchester Police Department. Forms and Applications Section 1(3)a of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended) defines a shotgun as: 1. a smooth bore gun (not being an air weapon) 2. having a barrel not less than 24’’ (60.96cm) in length and a bore not exceeding 2’’ (5.08cm) in diameter 3. either having no magazine, or a non-detachable magazine incapable of holding … Police Department. For recruitment questions, please contact: Winchester City Council City Offices Colebrook Street Winchester SO23 9LJ. If you're interested in becoming a Winchester Police officer and would like more information, fill out our online recruitment card! If you have any question concerning these procedures, contact our administrative office for assistance. Excellent benefits package including a full cafeteria benefits plan which features health, dental, vision, cancer, and pre-paid legal insurances, retirement and life insurance, short-term disability and sick, vacation and holiday leave, college tuition assistance, all equipment furnished including shoe allowance. Your application will be forwarded to the Police Department when the posting closes. The Australian Federal Police are currently in possession of 14 vehicles which are available for collection. After all of the aforementioned requirements have been met, the Personnel Director will forward the recommendation to the City Manager. POLICE OFFICER APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT GREENSBORO POLICE DEPARTMENT P.O. The entire application process may take several months to finalize. Applications will be accepted until 4:00 p.m., Friday, January 8, 2021. Winchester Recreation Department offers a wide variety of … All candidates must pass the written examination administered by the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) prior to submitting a completed application to the Town of Winchester. Applicants must have: a valid driver’s license, safe driving record, no criminal history; high school diploma or the equivalent, college preferred; be age 21 or older; excellent physical condition, be a non-smoker; accepts responsibility and have high ethical standards; live or be willing to move within a 50 mile radius of Winchester; be a U.S. citizen. One copy must be sent to the Police at: Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Officer Bishops Waltham Police Station Hoe Road Bishops Waltham SO32 1DS. After the background is complete a report will be submitted to the Deputy Chief. The file will then be forwarded to the Chief of Police. The Age Discrimination Act prohibits discrimination of individuals who are at least 40 but less than 70 years of age. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our department. You will have to connect to and use the City of Winchester online application process. City of Winchester WPD-29 Last updated: February 2019 Page 2 of 6. Once your online application has been successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation message immediately on your computer screen. Any comments you may have, positive or negative will be most welcomed. The entire application process may take several months to finalize. Proof of identity and proof of claim of vehicle may be requested. Winchester Police Department The City of Winchester Police Department is comprised of 33 sworn police officers that cover the residential and commercial areas around our City, including major interstate and state highways. The applicant will also be required to pass a color blind and a vision test. Non-Emergency: (540) 662-4131 Whether you’re a firearm owner, firearm dealer, shooting club member or planning to travel with firearms, answer a few quick questions and we’ll guide you to the right form and everything you need to complete it. After the oral interview a list will be prepared of those applicants that will move onto the polygraph phase. Once the City Manager approves the recommendation, the Deputy Chief contacts the applicant to inform them of their status. Service. You can also reach the OPP by calling 1 888 310-1122 (toll-free in Ontario). 231 E. Piccadilly St., Suite 310 The Winchester Police Department is a full-service police agency, providing police protection to a city of approximately 4700 residents. They will need to complete the application and return it to the Winchester Police Department along with the following items: The police department hopes that your Ride Along experience has been informative, enlightening, and has given you an insight into the conditions facing law enforcement, your police officer, and your community. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our department. 3. Interested parties may apply in person at, City Hall, 32 Wall St, Winchester, KY or print from the website at RESUMES WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT COMPLETE APPLICATION. Winchester, VA 22601, City of Winchester online application process, 1 repetition bench press - 71% of the participant's body weight, Number of sit-ups performed in 1 minute - minimum of 25, 300 meter run - completed in a minimum of 75 seconds, Number of push-ups completed in 1 minute - minimum of 19, 1.5 mile run - completed in 16:55 minutes.