See more of Speranza Animal Rescue on Facebook. Bailey was surrendered to Speranza and loves to be an outside farm cat. Wendy is about 8 years-old and came to us in pretty good shape aside from her feet needing on-going work. Speranza Animal Rescue is a Non-Profit organization, located on 17 picturesque acres in Mechanicsburg PA. The worst cases and give them the medical care and love to get them well and then find them a forever home. Oscar can be walked by volunteers as we now understand his issues and he can safely be handled by all. Figaro came to Speranza in December 2018 when his family could no longer provide for him as well as they would like. They don't give up on any animal. Speranza takes on cases regardless of the medical costs associated and provides all of the top-notch veterinary care necessary and accepts dogs with behavioral issues that most rescue organizations won’t consider. After attempts from locals to catch Harold, Janine was called and managed to get him in the cab of a pick-up truck and brought him to Speranza. He was found as a stray and once he arrived here we soon realized that he had certain triggers. PLEASE NOTE ALL DOG MEETS MUST BE SCHEDULED. Speranza Animal Rescue Mission: To rescue and rehabilitate the severely neglected and abused. In the spring of 2012 Speranza Animal Rescue was officially established. . Crabcake loves to find a cozy spot to curl up and nap or just watch all the activities from up in the barn rafters. Speranza is extremely grateful for the quality food that Purina makes and donates; and now, with this generous donation, we have a budget that will allow us to renovate the last of the remaining original kennels in 2019. Kevin Bacon was an owner surrender at 6 weeks of age. Jack is the smallest member of the “Three’s Company” crew. EIN: 45-5131283. See our dogs in Rehabilitation Prior to coming to Speranza, her feet were in horrific condition. All Rights Reserved. Oscar has been at Speranza for about 4 years now. We look at that dog & see an opportunity." These two babies lived a pampered lifestyle and their loving parents wanted nothing but the best for them! We focus on Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds, but will save anything we can find a home for - from dogs to pigs to alpacas. Check out the reunion with my mom, Mary Poppins here: Donkey Mom Is SO Excited To See Her Baby Again | The Dodo Reunited - YouTube. Log In. Speranza Animal Rescue Inc. is headquartered in MECHANICSBURG, PA, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. Visitation is by appointment only. We rely on several volunteers to help us safely provide these sanctuary dogs and farm animals with a positive quality of life. We use it for feeding, transporting hay/straw bales, projects around the farm and so much more. Dezi and Lucille were surrendered to Speranza due to no fault of their own. Speranza is located on a 17.5 acre farm in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania which provides the perfect setting to offer time, patience and love to those animals needing a second chance. no. He was not trusting of humans and would flinch when you attempted to pet him or give him treats. Mary Poppins came to Speranza with her son, Colonel Sanders. Wendy and Tinkerbell are a bonded pair of miniature horses. With some physical therapy and TLC, Ballerina now walks normally and has been dancing all over the farm bringing a smile to everyone she meets. © 2017 Speranza Animal Rescue LLC. Ballerina is a Nigerian Dwarf who likely will not grow to full size. Mr. P was surrendered from a local farm. The mother then abandoned Jiminy Cricket and Gepetto. Adoptions are by appointment only. Please check out Alcove Counseling Services’ Facebook page at: The Speranza Story: Janine Guido is a Carlisle High School graduate who has always had a passion for helping animals in need. He has tons of personality and loves attention. He frequently jumps into volunteer’s vehicles to go for joy rides! Mechanicsburg, PA. 13796 Votes. Forgot account? We believe that they are both 3 - 5 years-old. Each animal is treated for any ailments, given time to adjust and then evaluated to determine if that animal needs rehabilitation or if it can be adopted to a loving family. Rehabilitation Because Speranza Animal Rescue is a no-kill rescue, meaning that we never euthanize an animal because of a lack of space, we have several dogs that are not currently adoptable, but are in rehabilitation. Elvis Pigsley and Piggy Smalls were seized in a neglect case and taken to a local shelter before being saved by Speranza. Rescue & Rehabilitation Story of Speranza Rescue Stories Hospice Fosters Rehabilitation Sanctuary Libre the Ambassador The Libre Report Pit Crew Adopt Available to Adopt Adopting from Speranza Adoption Application What You Can Do Ways to Help Volunteer Foster ... Speranza Animal Rescue LLC. He is still shy but he is really coming out of his shell and starting to trust. Our farm animals - pigs, goats, cows and cats - well, let’s just say they’re living the good life! Twinkie loves her daily fruits and veggies. Being part of the Share the Love event and having the continued support of Faulkner Subaru allows us to keep saving the most abused and neglected! Please email us at [email protected] to set up an appointment. He was found at 5 days old with a bone infection in his hoof and a fractured leg. Benjamin was saved from a grim fate of being someone’s dinner. Alcove has donated so much - dozens and dozens of plush blankets and comforters for the dogs, all of the drinks for Pumpkinfest 2019, food, toys, treats…. They rescue all animals. She has been here for years and is always nearby. Sometimes she even wears a hat! We are working on socializing these two as they were not handled much previously and are both scared of humans at this point. He was never socialized and is only handled by about 6 volunteers. Janine bottle fed him back to health and he has been grazing the farm since. Hours. There is a donation drop off area outside the gate where you can leave donations if you cannot make it during the times listed above.